Quality check in our in-house laboratory

In our modern laboratory, all customer products treated by us are measured and recorded according to customer requirements and / or process control. The laboratory test reports are then sent to the client. As part of the obligation to provide documentation, we use a document management system to store all documents, which can be retrieved there at any time. We also keep the examined parts and cuts so that the traceability of the measurements and process parameters can be checked at any time.

The surface, core or case hardness are measured and checked with various hardness testers. The devices are checked daily using calibration plates. We mainly measure in Vickers hardness.
We also carry out metallurgical investigations and can thus analyse the structure. The experienced interpretation of the cuts identifies material and/or heat treatment errors. The correct measures are derived from this with experience.


Mittels C-Analysator werden periodische Gegenmessungen der Ofenatmosphäre durchgeführt und die so die Regelung des Ofens überwacht.
Damit wird eine wichtige CQI-9 Forderung erfüllt.
Für die Überwachung der Thermoelemente werden auch regelmässig TUS und SAT Messungen an den Ofenanlagen durchgeführt, welche ebenfalls eine Erfüllung der CQI-9 Forderung ist.